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The tunnels

WDK Spanish

The Spanish Tunnels offered by us are reliable and valued by many manufacturers. They are in the highest demand during the harvest season. It’s Light and easy construction allows for fast dismantling an easy handling. The tunnel is built on legs which are drilled into the ground at a depth of 65 to 85 cm. The hoops are made from high quality tubes. One can implement roller doors as well as metal gutters designed with the idea of producing peppers. The width of these tunnels ranges from 6m to 8.5m and the length is adaptable. The advantage of these light tunnels is that they are adaptable to the landscape on which they are being built. Spanish tunnels have good air circulation, enable the extension of the harvest season, and are of high quality. These are some of the advantages they have to offer. Furthermore, easy access to tractors inside the tunnels excludes the requirement of dismantling the tunnel.

WDK Single

 These tunnels are chosen for early production of fruit and vegetables. Their characteristic shape and insulation (poly to ground level) allows faster growth of vegetation by about two to three weeks in contrast with the traditional way of growing crops. Their construction is based on legs, which are drilled 0.8. The main hoop and poly reaches to ground level. They are built from the highest quality of tubes with a diameter which ranges from 40mm to 60mm. In this instance the width of the tunnel is between 6m to 8.5m with an adaptable length. The height of the tunnel is like the type of doors which are adjusted to individual needs of the customer. The tunnel’s easy ventilation through the raising of poly on the side along the tunnel, allows control of temperature inside the structure. An additional advantage of these tunnels is that one can choose the shape which is either traditional or semi-triangular roof-like shape, which enables the snow to slide down of its own accord.

WDK Cherry Tunnels

These are similar to the Spanish version but with greater height. Tunnels with higher sides were created to give more space for work along the rows and increase the amount of air in the tunnel. Most often they are used for growing fruit trees such as cherries, plums, as well as raspberry and bilberry shrubs. These tunnels cause the vegetation to grow faster by a couple of weeks. 90% of the fruit is of the highest quality. The harvest is independent of weather conditions, and is protected against pests and birds. These are just a few of the benefits these tunnels offer.

WDK Protective nets against hail

The most important characteristic of the nets is their construction – being composed of a system of metal lines and anchors. The construction can be based on wooden poles, concrete, or metal ones. It is an affordable protective system for fruit against hail.

WDK Greenhouse Tunnels

These are used for the production of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. The construction is placed on concrete, made from galvanized tubes. The tunnels can be multi-bayed or single. The height and width of the tunnel are adaptable to costumer’s individual requirements. The construction is covered with single poly or an inflated double poly. We have various ventilation systems: roof, front, side.

WDK Hobby

Tunnels made for Gardeners. It is very simple construction based on anchors, which are drilled into the ground. The hoops are made from galvanized tubes. The width is available at 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.5m and 6m and the length is adaptable. The complete tunnel with doors and poly is supplied in a box for independent assembly